Services Offered by RHEnergy - Energy Consultants

Services Offered by RHEnergy - Mechanical and Energy Engineering Consultants


Techno-economic Consultancy

We explore the technical and economic feasibility of energy related projects and the economic impact of design options.


Thermo-economic Analysis of Power Generation Cycles and Energy Systems

We undertake the simulation and analysis of power generation cycles and energy systems to assess the technical and economic impacts of plant configuration, equipment selection, design options and operational strategy.


Combined Heat and Power (CHP, CCHP, Cogeneration) and District Heating

We undertake feasibility studies, concept design and performance assessment of a complete range of CHP plant and district heating systems.


Power Generation – CCGT, Thermal, Renewable, Biomass, Energy from Waste or Waste-to-Energy (EfW or WtE)

We carry out feasibility studies, concept design and performance assessment associated with a wide range of power generation technologies, including thermal cycles fuelled by nuclear, coal, biomass or waste; gas turbine combined cycles and reciprocating engine cycles.


Thermal Treatment of Waste (Incineration)

We provide advice on the selection, thermal performance and environmental performance of a wide range of thermal treatment plant, including municipal waste treatment, and the incineration or alternative treatment of clinical and other special wastes, with special attention paid to heat recovery and/or power generation.


Heat Transfer and Cooling Systems

We provide advice to clients on the selection and performance of a wide range of heat transfer installations, from process heat exchangers to the heat rejection requirements of large power plant, including all main cooling technologies – once-through cooling, air cooling, evaporative cooling and wet-dry cooling.


Energy Management, Energy Efficiency, Energy Audits - Industrial, Commercial, Public Sector

We undertake energy efficiency surveys and energy audits in the industrial, commercial and public sectors, including a wide range of industrial sites, offices, schools and hospitals, benchmarking performance and seeking to identify opportunities for improvements to energy management and the introduction of cost-effective energy efficiency measures.


Software Development

We have developed a suite of design and analysis tools to explore the performance under design and off-design conditions of a range of thermal power systems, including steam turbine cycles, gas turbine combined cycles and gas turbine and reciprocating engine CHP plant.


Expert Witness Services

We provide expert witness advice to developers, owners, operators and law firms in cases where operational problems or disputes arise in energy related plant, such as power generation, energy from waste and incineration plant.


Strategic Advice

We provide advice from a level of fine detail to a strategic level, according to the client’s specific requirements.

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